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November 2015
Whip Crack = Mach 1.0 = 761 mph
(Source: NASA)

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Top Thirteen Recommended Links
Bullwhip FAQ Info
A venerable repository of bullwhip information

Naomi Damian Bullwhip artist
Graceful entertainer with a liquid form
MidWestWhips Whip Maker
Paul Nolan and Lauren Wickline. Big on Indy, films; Los Angeles-based.

David Morgan Whip Maker
Long respected whip making outfit; one of the best.

Western Stage Props Whip Seller
Wide selection by "name" whip makers; ropes, tack, etc.

Peter Jack - The Whip Man Whip Maker
Superb; Zenith Whips; Latigo y Dega whips; stockwhips.

World Wide Whips Info
Whip collector's website.

Indy Gear Whip Seller
All things Indiana Jones, including bullwhips.

Northern Whip Co Whip Maker
Joe Strain's bullwhips (not taking new orders); accessories.

Adam Winrich Home Page
Colorful performer, world record holder and skilled whip maker.

Eskaytee Saddlery Whip Maker
Ace whipmaker Sharron Taylor; one of my favorites.

Chris Camp Home Page
Internationally known whip artist, aka The Whip Guy.

Mach One Whip Artistry Info, Reviews
Daniel Trout's excellent site. (A good place to start.)

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